Digg with Ease using Official Digg FireFox Toolbar


For starters, digg is a popular bookmarking website where users submit links and vote on links submitted by other users. With Digg FireFox toolbar you can submit and track your diggs without actually going to the website.

A notification windows is in-built into the toolbar which inform you when friends digg, comment and make your story popular pushing it to Digg’s front page.

While browsing the web, the toolbar will let you know if a story has already been submitted to Digg. If it has, it will show number of diggs and comment it received. If the page you are viewing is not on digg, you will get submit button to put that story on digg.

Notfication window provide you information about stories getting popular. You can configure it to show stories from topics and media type that interest you. You customize this notification window for placement, how long it displays and how links should be opened.

Download Digg toolbar for FireFox to never miss digg stories of your interest. Besides, it is an easy way of tracking the status of stories submitted by you for number of diggs and comments.


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