digg + Google = GooGGle & the result will be…


Google is acquiring digg, this is not confirmed and everyone is reporting it as a rumor. More rumor ramblings, Google is offering $200 million dollar to get digg under its cloud.

All backdoor negotiations are ON to get this deal through, wonder what happened to Microsoft – who was really interested in digg. Anyway, MS was also interested in YAHOO! that took air out of the deal.

Coming back to Google and digg upcoming saga, BenParr got interesting future insight on things to come after Google gobble up digg. Starting off with integration of Digg with Google News and the news algorithm.

Expect to see digg icons on search results on Google. Well, this should not be mystery – intergeration with other Google properties like Blogger, Google Reader, Orkut, YouTube and many more.

Possibilities are endless if this Google and Digg deal goes through. How about a new digg url? http://digg.google.com looks good, what say?

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