Worried Microsoft, confused Yahoo & laughing Google!


Online World got its biggest news of 2008 – that Microsoft is damn interested in acquiring Yahoo. Microsoft is in all out mood to tackle Google Gang which is getting stronger and stronger.

Some will say, Microsoft is just covering its butt from the fact “it is losing to Google in the online World”. Should this make Google worried? I am sure it won’t, Google has some sane brains taking some cool decision. Just check these stats.

  • Microsoft started in 1975, while Google in 1998
  • Microsoft Revenue $51.12 Billion, Google $16.6 Billion.

Now Google may be far behind in terms of revenue primarily due to Microsoft Windows operating system and Office software sales. But picture of online world is completely different. Just ask yourself….do you interface more with Google or Microsoft on the internet?

I am sure GOOGLE will be the answer in majority of minds. In case this deal goes through, how will Microsoft manage similar services of Yahoo and Microsoft?

Google is known to manage such things well. When it acquired Youtube everyone thought Google Videos will shut down. To a pleasant surprise both Youtube and Google Videos live happily together. Not sure how Microsoft will deal with such situation.

  • Search engine – Yahoo Search or LIVE Search.
  • Messenger – Yahoo or LIVE Messenger.
  • Email – Windows LIVE or Yahoo mail.
  • Online Advertising – Yahoo or MSN Advertising.

Deal will not be smooth though with Anti-trust concerns. Remember how Google was rolled over when it went for Double click deal. Mr Gates, isn’t Microsoft doing same thing now?

Questions, questions and more questions… It’s worried Microsoft, confused Yahoo and laughing Google… what say?


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