Redirect WordPress Feed to feedburner via FeedSmith


Just like blogger blog, it is important to have a consolidated unique feed URL for better feed management. In WordPress each label, category, post can have unique RSS feed – thereby distributing feed subscribers for similar content.

To avoid this, you can setup a redirect in your self hosted WordPress blog using Feedsmith plugin. You can redirect blog feed like to

After you download [link] and install the plugin, goto settings and click on ‘feedburner’ tab. Then enter your feed URL as shown in image above. This will allows you to know the exact number of feed subscribers. Also, each subscriber will only receive ‘Adsense for feed’ monetized RSS feeds – so more earning potential!



  1. Hello there. I have done all of this, feeds are showing in feed burner with ads but not on wordpress 2.7.1 feed. Its not coming back from feedburner to my site. No cache plugin in use. Is it to do with editing the feedsmith file to include adsense publisher id? If so, how to?

    • Davinder says

      @Jeremy – As I understand, you are trying to revert to original WP feed from adsense laden feedburner feed. For this, deactivate the plugin and wait for few hours (sometime one day) for feed settings to refresh.

  2. Ahh, thanks! Works like a charm. I was about to hire somebody to do this. This is a gem of a plugin.

  3. @Clara Did you clear cache, if using wp cache plugin?

  4. Just downloaded and followed instructions. Doesn’t seem to work. When I click on the RSS icon, I still get the old feed address?

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