Add Blog RSS feed to Twitter with Feedburner

Feedburner has been quiet (feature wise) ever since Google acquired it. Finally, Google has added a new feature to Feedburner service that allows you to publish RSS feed of your blog or website to specific Twitter account automatically. You can customize text, hastags for automatic RSS

Customize email title for feedburner email susbscribers

Finally, Google has thought of doing something with Feedburner. While Feedburner RSS feed tracking is still in iffy waters, here is new feature plug for email subscribers of your RSS Feed. Now you can customize email title or subject line for automated RSS updates sent via email through

Redirect WordPress Feed to feedburner via FeedSmith

Just like blogger blog, it is important to have a consolidated unique feed URL for better feed management. In Wordpress each label, category, post can have unique RSS feed - thereby distributing feed subscribers for similar content. To avoid this, you can setup a redirect in your self

How to redirect Blogger blog RSS Feed to feedburner?

A Blogger blog can have multiple RSS feeds for similar content. Many Feed subscribers could be accessing RSS feed for a specific label or post in your Blogger Blog. It is very important to have only one single consolidated feed. This is required to get the exact number of total feed