Create RSS Feed of any website, just Beat it !


Feedbeater is an interesting web service that allows you to create RSS Feed of any website. Yeah, it ‘beats out’ RSS feed from URL of your choice.

Just enter the URL and click on ‘beat it’ button. It monitors URL for changes in content using diffbot. It then classify the content and create a structured document from the current content.

It filters out unimportant content like comment. counters, ads and produce a clean RSS Feed. Resultant Feed URL is in the form [] – for

You can subscribe to this feed URL in feed reader and enjoy latest updates from websites that don’t offer RSS Feed. FeedBeater is intelligent concept that put wonderful concept of RSS to good use – just beat it!



  1. Thanks for the valuable info! Unbelievably simple and quick, having been over-awed with all the technical details (obviously dated) before making this find.

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