Import bookmarks & settings into Chrome

Google Chrome is a flexible and easy to use web browser. If you are making a switch from your current web browser (like Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera) to Google Chrome: you can import and transfer settings, bookmarks, history and settings into Google Chrome browser. After importing

Import & open Google Docs files in Zoho editor

If you love to work with word and spreadsheet files online in Google Docs suite, then here is quick way to access all your files in other online editor (Zoho suite) without too may bells and whistles. Import feature in Zoho allows you to import and open any Google Docs file in respective

Transfer emails from one Gmail account to another

Lot of users have multiple Gmail accounts and use each account for personal and professional needs. Do you want to transfer all email messages from one Gmail account to another? Ideally, you can forward emails one by one to transfer email messages from one account to different account.

Import, export iGoogle settings to another account

iGoogle is a daily startpage for number of online people. Users can customize the look and features of their iGoogle homepage. Besides changing the look with iGoogle themes, you can add different functionalities like RSS feed of favorite blogs, games and lots more. While moving to new

Import & transfer Posterous blog to WordPress

Posterous(.com) is a popular micro blogging platform for quick fire posting via email or web based interface. Many people use Posterous for creating and managing no-frills personal blogs. blog also has quick post by email feature and user may want to switch from Posterous to

Import Google Analytics data in MS Excel [Office plugin]

Excellent Analytics is a free Microsoft Excel plugin to import Google Analytics data into an Excel spreadsheet. After the import you can manipulate and save date for further analysis. You can build queries with all dimensions and metrics available in Google Analytics. Also apply filters to

Import CinemaDNG files in Adobe After Effects & Premiere

DNG (Digital Negative) is a technology from Adobe for still cameras. Extending this to videos, now we have CinemaDNG file format. This format is designed for storing high resolution image streams in camera raw format. It is an open, documented format leveraging standard formats for video

Import Blogger, WordPress, Tumblr blog into Posterous

Posterous has launched new import feature that allows you to import any old, new forgotten blogs on Blogger, Wordpress or Tumblr blogging platform to Posterous blogging service. You can import all your blog posts including photos and files from old blog on different platform to your brand

Import & transfer Yahoo, AOL, Hotmail email to Gmail

If you are thinking of switching from current email provider to Gmail, then here is another reason to make quick jump and move-over. Gmail now has cool and full featured option to import stuff from your old email account to newly created Gmail account. Using this feature: you can import

Import & receive Hotmail messages in Gmail

Hotmail was a hottest email web service in the past. If you still have a Hotmail email account with constant stream of incoming emails and prefer to use Gmail on regular basis, then here is a cool trick for you. Recently Hotmail POP3 was enabledfor all, you can use this feature to import

Import & view MS Excel 2007 files on Google Docs

Google Docs has added support for Microsoft Office Excel 2007 files (XLSX). Now you can import supporting cell data, formatting, formulas, font style, background color, named ranges, frozen panes, and horizontal merges from Excel 2007 files. To upload MS Excel file, follow the usual

Import / Export Gmail filter to handle bulk email

Filters (labels and folders) are very effective way to manage tons of incoming email in your Gmail account. Using this, you can filter different emails as per requirement for better email management. Gmail Labs gets new feature of Filter import / export. To get started, goto settings >