Import & transfer Yahoo, AOL, Hotmail email to Gmail


If you are thinking of switching from current email provider to Gmail, then here is another reason to make quick jump and move-over. Gmail now has cool and full featured option to import stuff from your old email account to newly created Gmail account.

Using this feature: you can import contacts and mail messages from Yahoo, AOL, Hotmail (& more) to a Gmail account. It also allows you to import new emails for next 30 days for smooth transition to Gmail and assign a specific label to imported messages. To use this feature:


1. Login into Gmail account & click settings (top-right). Click on Accounts and Import tab and then click the Import mail and contacts button.

2. In the new window, enter email address from which you want to import email messages and contacts. Enter login details of that email.

3. Select options among: import contacts, import mail, import new mail for next 30 days, add label to all imported mail. It is recommended to select all.

4. Then click start import button and stuff from old email should be transferred to Gmail account in 24-48 hrs. You can also track transfer status on the Accounts and Imports tab under settings page.

Don’t be surprised if your Gmail account is not showing “Accounts and Imports tab” under settings page. This feature is being rolled out in phased manner and new Gmail accounts are first ones with this feature. Have patience, it should appear very soon. Gmail keeps getting better and with new import feature expect more people to join Gmail.



  1. I want to leave AOL and go to Yahoo, before I do I need to know if yahoo transfers my AOL account to Yahoo? Am I correct that there is no charge for this change unless I upgrade to Yahoo for $19.99 a year?

  2. After trying everything to keep my folders I finally found a solution for my email migration, check it out at

  3. One problem with using the above approach is that you lose all your folders. I ended up Yippiemove ( instead. It only transfers folders, but they have a lot of helpful videos on how to get contacts across at their YouTube page:

  4. Beryl Riley says

    I followed directions from email from gmail to import messages as they arrive for 30 days from AOL. It initially worked, but no new messages have been imported from AOL since the first batch. Help. Beryl

    • same here. Did you figure it out?

      • same problem…I want to keep & use my hotmail, yahoo, and whatever indefinitely. Is there a way to permanently receive from all of these accounts into Gmail? please input, thank you

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