Transfer Facebook friend contacts to Google+ Plus

Google+ Plus is new social networking service from Google, which is in direct competition with Facebook. As a result, there is no direct method to transfer Facebook friends and contacts easily to Google+ Plus service. However, there is a work-around to import and transfer Facebook contact

Add Skype contacts / friends to Facebook

If you happen to use both Skype and Facebook, then you can easily expand your Facebook network with Skype friends. Facebook's find friend feature allows you to search your Skype contacts not on Facebook. You can selectively invite Skype friends to join and network with you

Sync & import Google Gmail Contacts on iPad

Looking for a simple and free method to sync Google Gmail contacts on your Apple iPad device. You can easily do this by connecting iPad to a computer  and using iTunes. After the connection, select Google contacts option and login to your Google / Gmail account to start the sync process.

Import Facebook & Gmail contacts to Yahoo Mail

If you are a regular Yahoo Mail user, then get goodness of your contacts on other social websites into Yahoo. This can be easily done by importing contacts and email addresses on other popular services like Facebook, Gmail, Live into your Yahoo Mail account address book using importer

Import Facebook contacts in Gmail & Live Hotmail

Facebook, Live Hotmail and Gmail are 3 very popular services used by number of online users. Do you want to import and access your Facebook contacts within Gmail or Live Hotmail account? You can easily do this by importing contact list from Facebook to Live Hotmail. Next step involves

Import contacts to Gmail from CSV, vCard file

Have you downloaded or exported contacts CSV files from any other web service or tool? Alternatively, you might have manually created a CSV file containing contacts for your email account. Gmail users can easily import upto 3000 contacts in the form of a single CSV or vCard file into their

Import & transfer Yahoo, AOL, Hotmail email to Gmail

If you are thinking of switching from current email provider to Gmail, then here is another reason to make quick jump and move-over. Gmail now has cool and full featured option to import stuff from your old email account to newly created Gmail account. Using this feature: you can import