More your Google Notebook to Zoho Notebook


Google Notebook has stopped development and existing Google Notebook users are looking for alternatives. We have already seen detailed procedure to move Google Notebook contents to Ubernote. There are number of alternatives, if Ubernote does not excite you – head over to Zoho Notebook.

Zoho has released a plugin to facilitate movement of your Google Notebook to Zoho Notebook. Here is the simple procedure:

  • Install Zoho Notebook plugin [] in Firefox browser.
  • Restart your browser, Login to Zoho and Google Notebook.
  • Go to this URL – chrome://zoho-notebook/content/g2z.html
  • Then click on Start link.

Above steps should import all notebooks from Google to Zoho. Some users are experiencing problems with above method. Keep track of this [] announcement post and contact Zoho support for more help.


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