Evernote Google Notebook importer, another option

Google Notebook users are now flooded with number of alternatives. We have already seen Zoho Notebook and Ubernote introducing special google Notebook transfer to their respective services. Well, Evernote is latest to join the race. So, if you prefer Evernote over Ubernote and Zoho -

More your Google Notebook to Zoho Notebook

Google Notebook has stopped development and existing Google Notebook users are looking for alternatives. We have already seen detailed procedure to move Google Notebook contents to Ubernote. There are number of alternatives, if Ubernote does not excite you - head over to Zoho

Google Notebook: Capture & Organize Web clips easily

There are number of online service like Clip Clip to copy and paste any part of webpage and save it for future reference. Google Notebook is a similar online tool from Big G (Google) which can be excellent way to capture and save any part of a webpage. Besides pasting and capturing