Evernote Google Notebook importer, another option


Google Notebook users are now flooded with number of alternatives. We have already seen Zoho Notebook and Ubernote introducing special google Notebook transfer to their respective services. Well, Evernote is latest to join the race. So, if you prefer Evernote over Ubernote and Zoho – transfer your Google Notebook contents to Evernote.

First step involves downloading of export file from google Notebook account. Login to google Notebook and select the notebook you want to export. Click the export button at the bottom of the page and choose ‘Atom’ from the export options. Then save the Google Atom Notebook file to your desktop

Next step involves importing this file to your Evernote account. Sign into Evernote and go to Google Notebook import page, which is accessible from the Setting page on Evernote Web, and import each notebook that you exported. It may take a few minutes depending on the size of the notebook. Finally, if you use a desktop version of Evernote, hit Sync to download those imported notes. More details here and checkout follow video for better understanding:


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