Import & transfer Posterous blog to WordPress


Posterous(.com) is a popular micro blogging platform for quick fire posting via email or web based interface. Many people use Posterous for creating and managing no-frills personal blogs. blog also has quick post by email feature and user may want to switch from Posterous to platform. Now you can easily do that using import feature on your blog.

Import Posterous blog to blog

1. Goto & login into your account.
2. In Dashboard goto Tools > Import & click ‘Posterous importer’.
3. Enter Posterous host name, user name and password & click Submit button.

4. Importer will automatically import contents of your Posterous blog to blog. It can import posts, tags, comments and image attachments.

[Note: This feature is for blog and not for blogs hosted on personal servers]. The reverse transfer of Blogger, WordPress blog to Posterous is already possible using Posterous importer tool. [via WPblog]


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