Add Help tab to Microsoft Office 2007 ribbon interface

You can make Help feature in Microsoft Office 2007 program more productive and easy by adding 'Help' tab option. This is possible by using official "Microsoft Office 2007 Help Tab" addon for MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint 2007. Help tabs allows easy access useful features like: getting

Open & view 32 bit Help Files (hlp) on Windows 7

Latest release of Windows family - Windows 7 operating system will not have in-built support to open 32 bit Help Files (with .hlp file extension). Microsoft has discontinued Windows Help program as it did not have a major update for many releases and no longer meets Microsoft standards.

Create HTML Help Files / Help Websites with HelpNDoc

Just made a cool application or completed a project. Now, are you Looking for a way to create help file for prospective users to understand and navigate your creation in a better manner? HelpNDoc is a free and powerful tool for creating