5 best Free Adobe Photoshop alternatives

Adobe Photoshop is THE software for majority of graphics designer. Starting off with Photoshop software is not easy due to heavy load of feature sets, options and its costs. If you are looking for free software alternatives to Adobe Photoshop, then checkout following list. Gimp and

12 Free alternatives to Microsoft Office Word

Microsoft Office is very popular and widely used productive suite. It consists of number of useful applications like Word, Spreadsheet, Presentations and lots more. It is a premium Microsoft products and comes with a price tag. Incase you are looking for free alternative to perform tasks

Microsoft Money alternative, Quicken offer discount

When Google Notebook shutdown, many similar web services rolled out features to make abandoned Google Notebook feel at home using their alternative services. Microsoft Money is going through same fate and Quicken personal finance software is quick enough to offer carrot to Microsoft Money

Find alternative to any software application program

Sometimes a cherished and favorite software disappoints as a result of new update or feature change. Then begins search for alternative software of your favorite software application or program. We get about asking friends, post on forums, social websites to check of different alternative

Power Packed Alternative to Notepad – DocPad

Notepad is simple and very useful Windows application. Get all the goodness of Notepad with additional power packed features with free 'alternative to notepad' - DocPad. It does everything a notepad can do. Infact, it does more than what a notepad can do. Following are features of

Find Alternatives to anything on web with Dooblet

What is an alternative Google? Well, some will say nothing - but there are few distant alternatives like Yahoo, Microsoft etc. Similarly, you can find alternative to anything (almost) on the web with Dooblet. For common terms like Internet