See list of computers & devices using my Internet connection

In wireless internet setup environment, number of devices can connect to same internet source automatically. At some point of time, this question may arise - how many and which devices, computers, laptops are using and connected to my internet connection? You can easily get this

How to Ping website or IP address

Ping command is used to check the connectivity of your PC with network or domain. It helps establish if connection it working fine or not. Ping Command sends packets of information to a specified IP Address / domain and then measures the time it takes to get a response from the specific

Repair corrupt WinSock settings to fix internet connection

Internet can get disconnected due to number of reasons. Corrupt winsock settings is very common cause of internet connection not working. Other application (malicious) software at times change winsock settings that results in no live internet connection. Manual winsock settings repair

Check if internet connection is down & not working

Ideally one can check status of internet connection by using ping DNS and TCP procedure. However, performing such tests for an average computer user is a big task. Free portable utility NetCheck makes this all easy by performing DNS and TCP test at the click of a button. It checks if

Search unencrypted free WIFI wireless internet connections

Are you looking for an unencrypted [free] wireless internet connection for your laptop on the move? Manual refreshing to search for available networks in specific area can be boring and time consuming routine. Outssider WiFi scanner makes this real easy - it automatically scans for

Ping remote hosts automatically to check connections

In a networked enviroment it is important for every connection to work all the time. Besides live connections, administrator should be quick in checking lost connections in order to re-connect without delay. noPing Inspector application can come hand in checking for connections by pinging

Preview Gmail inbox for new emails on slow connection

Preview Gmail inbox is new Gmail Labs feature that should please Gmail users using slow internet connection. While Gmail is loading, we have to stare a blank screen with progress bar showing loading status of Gmail inbox. With Preview Inbox feature you can see screenshot image of 10 latest

Check internet download speed at multiple locations

DownTester utility allows you to check internet download speed at multiple URL locations. You can enter multiple URLs like, etc and this utility will check your connection speed in ability to download data from specified URLs. After the test, it displays the speed in

Always ON Dial-up internet with connection Keeper

Are you tired of clicking and trying to connect using dial-up internet connection? Well, save some time and effort using free utility connection keeper. This application simulates Internet browsing (at a random interval) and prevents connection from appearing idle, thus preventing your ISP

See IP address (LAN & WAN) anytime, anywhere

We have already seen web services to see IP address of connection at any given point of time. Incase you travel a lot and need to keep check on the current IP address, then ShowIP is a must have utility for you. It shows current IP and sits on the system tray. This free small utility

See Winsock activity details with Socket Sniff

[For Advance users] Winsock activity is important to remain connected. SocketSniff is a small utility that gives large details of Winsock (Windows Sockets) activity on your computer. In an easy to understand manner, it shows lot of related information. This small utlity does not