Delete corrupt ARP cache on Windows 7


ARP stands for Address Resolution Protocol. It is used to map IP addresses to MAC addresses. ARP cache contains recent IP addresses to MAC addresses mapping to reduce number of ARP requests. Sometimes ARP cache become corrupt and we need to clear it to solve issue at hand. Corrupt ARP cache may result in connection to webpages fail or timeout. You can delete and clear ARP cache using quick command as following.

Delete & clear ARP cache on Windows 7

1. Click on Start Orb button and type cmd in search box. Right click on cmd and click ‘Run as administrator’ option.

2. In the (black) command prompt window, type following command and press the Enter key.

netsh interface ip delete arpcache

This will delete ARP cache containing ip addresses and corresponding mapped MAC addresses on your Windows 7 computer.

Viewing ARP cache details on Windows 7

Prior to deletion of ARP cache, you can view details of IP addresses and MAC addresses contained in the ARP cache.

1. Open Command prompt window by repeating step 1 as above.

2. Then type following command and press the Enter key.

arp -a

This will display list ARP enteries on your Windows computer. You can view them and of course delete them using procedure as explained above.


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