How to Find IP address of website URL

IP (Internet Protocol) address is a unique number for every computer or intensity on the internet to allows communication in the online world. An IP address is composed of four octets (numbers ranging from 0 to 255) separated by single dots. You can easily find IP address of any website

Generate Subnets for range of IP addresses

Do you want to get associated subnet values for specific IP address(es)? Subnet Creator is a handy and simple portable tool for generating subnets. It takes a range of IP addresses and returns the contiguous IP subnets needed to reproduce that range in subnets. IP Subnets for range of IP

Convert IP address to binary / integer number

Do you want to see equivalent binary or integer value for specific IP address? Here is a simple online tool that calculates and display integer / binary value number for any IP address. It also show the procedure to convert and calculate the final associated binary / integer

See country name for any IP address information

IP addresses can overwhelm anyone due to all numbers and so many of them. Ideally, one has to reference back to check country name / location for each IP address. IPInfoOffline utility makes this process real easy by automatically showing country names associated with list of IP

See IP address (LAN & WAN) anytime, anywhere

We have already seen web services to see IP address of connection at any given point of time. Incase you travel a lot and need to keep check on the current IP address, then ShowIP is a must have utility for you. It shows current IP and sits on the system tray. This free small utility

View IP Address blocks by Country, exhaustive listing

Ever wanted to know IP address block associated with your country or any other country in the world. Nirsoft has complied list of IP addresses blocks by country to make this whole process easy and accessible. Country names are shown alphabetically, click on any country name and view

View IP address in a cute window with ShowIP

Need a quick and cute way to see current IP (LAN & WAN) on your computer. ShowIP is a handy utility, that simply shows you the current IP address. It allows quick way to check or share IP with friends

Send quick Message to Specific IP with IpMessage

Did someone try to hack your website and left its trail in the form of IP address splashed on stats page? How do you contact a person for whom you only know IP address? Well, IpMessage can be simplest and most

How to resolve IP address of a host & vice-versa?

Want to know IP address of or or do you want to know the host name domain of a specific IP address? In either case free utility 'FastResolver' should be handy big time. It resolves multiple host names into IP addresses and vice versa. You can simply type the list of

What is my IP Address? How do I find my IP Address?

An IP address (or Internet Protocol address) is a unique address that certain electronic devices use in order to identify and communicate with each other on a computer network utilizing the Internet Protocol standard (IP) in simpler terms, a computer address. Every computer has unique