Send quick Message to Specific IP with IpMessage


Did someone try to hack your website and left its trail in the form of IP address splashed on stats page? How do you contact a person for whom you only know IP address?

Well, IpMessage can be simplest and most easy way to do so. You can send any message to any IP address with this free web service.

Whenever receiver visit the ‘IpMessage’ website, he will able to receive and read message sent to his IP address. No registration, no login – just type the message and IP address to get going.

Checkout IpMessage to send messages to IP addresses that you love, hate or suspicious about. Damn simple and easy to use!



  1. This should be named “swap a note”

  2. Sent a message to a friend – he still has recived NO notification of any message.
    This does not work for the advertised purpose as there is no way of letting him know there is a message waiting for him.

  3. Mr. Bluto, I thought the same thing.

  4. This sounds interesting, but how will the person at the other IP receive this message if they aren’t aware of IpMessage?

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