Youtube gets Stereo HQ Resolution Videos, awesome !


Buzz of Youtube getting more and more HQ (high quality) version of videos has been ON for a while now. We have already seen procedure to view high quality videos by configuring settings in the Youtube account.

Till now, we have seen Youtube videos with mono resolution 320×180. Youtube gets bump with resolution size and quality with ‘stereo’ format. Check the following videos and you will see the difference.

  • Video (standard format – mono, resolution: 320×180)
  • Video (stereo, resolution: 480×270)
  • Video (new format – stereo, resolution: 1280×720)

Now, isn’t this cool? With Youtube trying to get full length movies (on the lines of Hulu) and this HQ video format will make Youtube ONE VERY COOL place to watch videos, what say? [via]


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