Watch high quality original version of Youtube videos

Youtube is a cool online place to watch videos related to any topic, person or place. However, sometimes the quality of video can be real turn off. Are you tired of broken pixels and poor quality streaming videos on youtube? Using a basic technique, you can watch videos in exact format as

Youtube XL, enjoy videos on Large screen

If you use large LCD screen to view favorite Youtube videos, then switch over to Youtube XL mode. It promises better experience of watching Youtube videos in grand style. It has bing font, prominent buttons and very clutter free interface. Ideal for your big screen experience, you can

Share & link to HD Youtube videos [official hack]

HD (high definition) videos are storming Youtube with their number increasing day by day. Ever since launch of HD videos, there has been confusion regarding sharing and linking of HD Youtube videos. We have already seen ways to search and watch HD videos on Youtube. There were many

Access & Watch HD Youtube Videos on Single Webpage

Youtube has gone HD and number of high definition videos being uploaded to Youtube is on the rise. We have already seen ways to search and watch HD videos on Youtube. Now, Youtube has officially launched a special video page with listing of all HD videos on the website. You can browse

Search & watch HD High Definition Youtube Videos

Youtube is just getting better and better. Recently, it went widescreen and new customizing feature to embed widescreen videos was introduced. Now, Youtube is all set for HD (High Definition) video content. There are already number of HD videos available on Youtube. HOW TO SEARCH &

How to embed Youtube Videos in Widescreen format ?

Youtube Videos have gone widescreen and Stereo HQ. If you use the usual embed code, a widescreen video will appear in default size and not widescreen. However, now Youtube offer lot of customization options 'size-wise' to embed Youtube videos. To get started look for a small wheel icon

Youtube gets Stereo HQ Resolution Videos, awesome !

Buzz of Youtube getting more and more HQ (high quality) version of videos has been ON for a while now. We have already seen procedure to view high quality videos by configuring settings in the Youtube account. Till now, we have seen Youtube videos with mono resolution 320x180.