Change order of photos & albums in Facebook


We upload lot of photos and share with friends on Facebook. You can neatly organize uploaded images in different photo albums with proper captions and tags. Further, you can arrange display order of photos in each photo album as per requirement. You can also arrange the order of photo albums, if you have created multiple photo albums in your Facebook account.

Customize order of photos in a photo album

1. After Facebook login, goto photos section from left sidebar menu.

2. Open any photo album containing multiple photos.

3. Mouse over photo that you want to move. You should see small icon at top left and then drag – drop photo using mouse to desired location.

Similarly, you can move and re-order photos as per requirement in a specific photo album. New photo(s) order will be saved automatically.

Customize order of photo albums on Facebook

1. Goto Photos section after logging into Facebook account.

2. Mouse over any photo album and an icon at top left part should appear.

3. Then drag – drop album to desired location. You can move and re-order any photo album and arrange all albums as per requirement.


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