Disable downloading of photo albums on Google+ Plus

Upload, viewing and sharing photos is an important routine among Google+ Plus users. Google has added few new features and  improvements to photos section of Google+ Plus service. Now you can view photos is cool full screen slideshow format with automatic toggling of photos. Google+ Plus

How to move photos to different album on Facebook

We love to upload and share photos on Facebook, don't we? Majority of us want photos to be uploaded and displayed in an organized manner. Facebook allow users to change order of photos and albums in few simple clicks. At times, specific photos get uploaded to a different album. Are you

How to create new photo album folders on ipad

Do you want to create new folder or photo album on your iPad? Making seperate photo album folders is a better and neater way to organize photos on iPad. For example: you can make separate photo albums containing images of your friends, family members, vacation trip and so on. With iOS 5

Change order of photos & albums in Facebook

We upload lot of photos and share with friends on Facebook. You can neatly organize uploaded images in different photo albums with proper captions and tags. Further, you can arrange display order of photos in each photo album as per requirement. You can also arrange the order of photo

How to delete full photo albums on Facebook

Are you tired of deleting photos one by one on Facebook album page? This can be time consuming and boring routine if you are planning to delete all photos one by one contained in specific photo album on Facebook. Instead of manual photo deletion you can simply delete complete photo album

Share Orkut photo albums with only specific friends

Just like any other social networking website, Orkut users upload and share lot of photos. It is important to set sharing rules for each photo album containing your personal photos. You can enforce strict sharing setting that allow sharing of selective photos with only specific Orkut

Photo Slideshow of Orkut images

If you find viewing photos on Orkut boring and clumsy, then new photo slideshow feature bump should please you. Orkut has added 2 new features for viewing photos. First, you can view photos in-line without having to refresh webpage or open new webpage for next image. Easy to use

Download Picasa web photo albums of any user

Just like Photobucket, Flickr - Picasa Web albums is a handy online service from Google to store lot of photos. Ideally, you have to download photo or photo albums one by one to save them on the computer. Free tool "Picasa Downloader" makes Picasa photo album download and saving process

Download & save Facebook account photos, images

Do you want to quickly download pictures in your Facebook account? We have already seen Firefox addon "FacePad" for downloading full Facebook photo albums. PhotoGrabber is a dead simple free tool for downloading all your tagged pictures from Facebook account. It is available for Windows

How to download Facebook photo albums?

Facebook is very popular networking website and it hosts more photos than even photo sharing websites like Flicke, Photobucket. So, there ought to be an easy way to download loads of photos from Facebook. FacePAD Facebook Photo Album Downloader is a Firefox extension that makes this