How to download Facebook photo albums?


Facebook is very popular networking website and it hosts more photos than even photo sharing websites like Flicke, Photobucket. So, there ought to be an easy way to download loads of photos from Facebook. FacePAD Facebook Photo Album Downloader is a Firefox extension that makes this process real easy involving simple right click routine.

facebook-photo-album-downloadAfter you install this Firefox extension, just right ‘View Album link’ and click option ‘Download Album With FacePAD’. Full album will be downloaded in Firefox downloads folder. If there is more than one page of photos, then you will be get prompt for successive pages with photo download like:

Alert 1: Downloading 20 Photos from page 1
Alert 2: Downloading 20 Photos from page 2
Alert 3: Downloading 15 Photos from page 3

Grab FacePAD Facebook Photo Album Downloader to quickly download photos from Facebook. It is easy and with easy access to lot of photos – fun part is always there!


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