Download & backup Instagram photos with InstaPort

Do you love sharing photos using Instagram service on your Apple iPhone? If yes, how about backing up and saving copy of Instagram photos on your local computer hard drive? For starters: Instagram provide quick and easy way to share photo through their free iPhone application. Once you

Save Facebook photos online as Zip or PDF file

Facebook is hugely popular social networking website. Besides sending messages and updating status, users upload and share lot of photos among Facebook buddies. Do you want to quickly download specific Facebook photos or albums as easy to manage ZIP or PDF file? Online tool Pick n Zip

Download hi5 photos with portable downloader tool

Hi5(.com) is a popular social networking website. Users can create free profile and add friends to start online interaction. Uploading and sharing photos by each member is an important routine. Do you want to quickly download photos uploaded by Hi5 users? This can be easily achieved using

Download images directly from Google, DeviantArt & 4Chan

Do you love downloading lots of images from the internet? Ideally we open image search website like Google Image search, then type a keyword and make few more clicks to download final image. You can avoid all those clicks and download images directly from the comfort of desktop without

Download & save Facebook account photos, images

Do you want to quickly download pictures in your Facebook account? We have already seen Firefox addon "FacePad" for downloading full Facebook photo albums. PhotoGrabber is a dead simple free tool for downloading all your tagged pictures from Facebook account. It is available for Windows

Download old Bing photos of any date on computer

Do you love daily wallpaper photo at Bing? We have already seen cool tool "Bing Paper" for downloading Bing images and setting them as desktop wallpaper. "Bing on Desktop" is another cool tool that allows automatic download and saving of Latest and Old  Bing images in a specific folder on

Batch download photos from webpages with Open Image portable downloader

OpenImages is a handy portable tool to quickly download photos from any webpage. Just provide URL of any webpage and this tool will batch download all detected photos from that webpage in a specific folder. It automatically opens folder with downloaded images, after the download is

Download & see Flickr photos on Digital Photo Frame

Digital Photo Frame is a cool way to share and view personal photos without too much computing fuss. At times, it can be difficult dealing with download of new photos on a digital photo frame. If you use Flickr website to host photos and love to see Flickr photo on your digital photo frame

View & save images, links, email ID from any website

We have already seen File2HD online service to quickly download files from any website. Xsite utility does similar without you having to open web browser. Just enter URL or website address and hit the enter key. You will get list of weblinks, images and email address associated with

How to download Facebook photo albums?

Facebook is very popular networking website and it hosts more photos than even photo sharing websites like Flicke, Photobucket. So, there ought to be an easy way to download loads of photos from Facebook. FacePAD Facebook Photo Album Downloader is a Firefox extension that makes this

Download & Save all images on a webpage

So you have opened a webpage with loads of images that should be copied. Now begins the tiring process of manually copying and saving each image on a webpage. Hang on - there is better, faster and easier way to do so using 'Save Images' Firefox extension. Using this, you can download and