Download hi5 photos with portable downloader tool


Hi5(.com) is a popular social networking website. Users can create free profile and add friends to start online interaction. Uploading and sharing photos by each member is an important routine. Do you want to quickly download photos uploaded by Hi5 users? This can be easily achieved using hi5 Grabber tool.

Use portable Hi5 photo downloader

1. Download Hi5 Grabber tool. Once downloaded, double click to launch the program. It is a portable tool and does not require installation.

2. Login if you want to download photos from private albums. Otherwise, click Skip button to download photos from public albums.

3. Then enter user ID (a number that you can see in URL: ?userid=) and click Start Grabbing button.

4. It will display the username and number of photo albums. A folder with name “hi5 – username” will be created on the desktop (if Hi5 grabber is located on the desktop).

All the photos will be automatically downloaded in the folder created in the same location as that of Hi5 grabber tool. To close the tool, right click on its icon on the system tray and then click on Exit option.


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