Download hi5 photos with portable downloader tool

Hi5(.com) is a popular social networking website. Users can create free profile and add friends to start online interaction. Uploading and sharing photos by each member is an important routine. Do you want to quickly download photos uploaded by Hi5 users? This can be easily achieved using

Windows Run menu with auto suggestions

Do you love Google Suggest type of feature of seeing suggestions while you type? You can add similar suggestion functionality to Start > Run menu on your Windows PC. Since run commands are difficult to remember, auto suggestion feature allows you to explore more without having to

Download portable Firefox 3.5 & carry in USB drive

After slew of beta releases, Firefox 3.5 final version was released few days ago. Besides the usual performance improvement and bug fixes, it comes loaded with lot of features. It introduces support for HTML5 video tags, a first for web browsers. HTML5 allows user to view video and audio

Download portable RSS Feed Reader for USB drive

RSS Feeds have becomes integral part of Techno Life for many web users. It allows you to browse loads of content in least amount of time and distraction. Now you can carry your favorite feeds in USB drive using portable RSS Feed Reader. Just launch the exe file of the application and start

6 websites to download portable USB applications

Portable applications do not require any installation and involves no bells and whistles. You can just copy application in a USB drive, double click the app file and start using it. Such applications do not leave traces of your activity on the computer. You can use your favorite software