1. harrriet says

    please save me to remove timeline on my fb account. i hate it

  2. i found out that my 15 yrs old daughter have a FB account,as a parent what can I do to to controll over it?

    • Hi mom :)

      Facebook allows anyone over the age of 13 to have an account. From one mom to another – in our house the rule is that the kids have to give me their Facebook passwords until they are 18, and they have to have me as a friend that can see everything that is going on with their account.

      If I attempt to log in and the password is changed then they will log in and I will change the password to something only I know and they have lost their privileges for a certain amount of time. Also if they are not being appropriate on Facebook there are similar consequences.

      By being involved with their on-line life I have had the opportunity to comment on posts that their friends have made or that they have been involved with and help them understand that the same etiquette that I expect from the in person is what will be expected on-line.

      It has worked really well for us.

      p.s. you are only allowed one account per person so if they create a second account after you have revoked their access you can report it as a duplicate to Facebook and have it shut down. I have informed my kids of this as well so that hasn’t happened.

  3. patrick dinneen says

    Thanks for this. I hate the new timeline/profile too. Just deactivated; hope it works.

  4. Zaker Saberi Afghanistan says

    Sir i try more time but unforunately i did not get the old version

  5. Renette Stemmet says

    I can not believe that of all the programs in the world that facebook cannot be changed back to the previous version. I did not know how this timeline look or work and did not accept anything, now i have to battle to get the old look back. please programmers and engineers of the software DO SOMETHING! This is not acceptable!!!

  6. I hate it! I hate it!…TIMELINE is useless….
    I really needs help to restore back my original facebook layout!.
    Can those facebook technicians please look into this…….HELP!.

  7. so annoying that i cant even switch bad to old facebook! This new timeline sucks alot of my bandwidth

  8. how i get old back facebook i hate timeline

  9. I wish to close my childs account as she has blocked me from seeing what is written on the wall.

  10. Wallace Limbrick says

    I am 86 yrs old and have no need for face Book and am greatly concerned about security

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