Use Viber on Windows desktop for Free Calls

There have been many alternatives like Skype, Yahoo Messenger, Google Talk for free calling on Windows desktop. Viber with its huge reach among mobile users can be great addon for desktop users as well. Now you can install and use Viber application on Windows (8 and 7) computers and Mac

Make free phone calls from Gmail

Gmail now has all the goodness of calling any phone number (just like we do using Skype). Google is slowly rolling out phone calling feature powered by Google Voice from within Gmail inbox interface. Using this, you can make phone calls with a click of a button by logging into Gmail

Download new Skype 4.0 – bigger video, better sound

Skype is one cool way to make free internet calls and stay connected with friends. Skype has released new version for Windows users with lot of improvements. Skype 4.0 version for Windows promises bigger video display during conversation. You can start chat with video with a click of a

Free tech support a call away from MVP in India

Usually we go to forums, blogs, vendor support and websites to look for answer to our technical issues. Do you need free technical support on the phone? Well, a MVP from India is doing the same. 9847155469 is the magic number you can call for probable answers to technical

See Call, Chat & File transfer details of Skype Account

Regular Skype users will love this utility to track and view details of their activity on respective Skype account. SkypeLogView is a small utility that reads log files created by Skype application. It shows variety of information related to your Skype account. You can easily manipulate

Use Google Talk to make free International Phone Calls

Talkster's official integration with GTalk2VoIP brings huge surprise for all Google Talk users. Now, using Google Talk you can make FREE International Phone Calls to any phone in over 30 countries. No registration, no credit card, even no sign up needed to get started with free calling