Play online games in Google Talk [web based]


Now you can enjoy online games while chatting with buddies on Google Talk. Currently, this only works in web based Google Talk Sandbox and will soon be available in Gtalk application installed on your computer. Here is quick procedure to get started with playing games with friends on web based Google Talk:


1. Open Google Talk Sandbox (use Firefox, nogo in IE!).
2. Click on any friend name in your Gtalk buddy list.
3. Click Options > Start Applications
4. Then enter URL of game gadget and start playing.

Like for game of Chess use:

For Rock Paper Scissors use:

Ready to play some games with Gtalk buddies? [ via GOSGtalk Blog]. Here are few more ways to spice up Google Talk experience.



  1. But its not working

  2. That’s great and new way to play games

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