Play online or download classic Mario game on computer

Mario has been all time favorite game for many people. We have seen this game in number of avatars. Jumping Mario to collect shiny coins and using balls fire power to toss out little creature. Add more fun is super animated and cool background music track. You can enjoy this cult 80s game

Play ‘Cut the Rope’ game online for free

You may have downloaded 'Cut the Rope' game on your iPad or iPhone and already know about this engrossing game. Now you can play 'Cut the Rope' game for free online in Internet Explorer 9 web browser (and other browsers like Google Chrome). Microsoft has parterned with game developers to

Play Angry Birds game online [free on web]

Angry Birds have been keeping casual gamers busy on their smartphones. It has made debut in the web world as Google Chrome app and that also with Free price tag. Now you can enjoy over 63 levels of cool Angry Birds game within Google Chrome browser in high definition HD format. You can

Play PacMan game online at Google permanently

Google introduced first interactive doogle celebrating "30th anniversary of PAC-MAN". This doogle featured actual Pac Man game that any user could play online. Do you still want to play that cool Pac Man game which has been replaced with usual Google logo and is now missing from Google

Play Hangman, Sudoku games online in Google Docs

Google Docs spreadsheet is a part of online Google Docs suite for word processing and office document creation, editing and sharing. Besides doing the productive work, you can also have fun online in Google Docs suite by playing games (courtesy script feature in Google Docs

Play online / Download Rubiks Cube game

Rubiks Cube game is one of the classic game to exercise thinking of part of the brain. Game is all about a cube with 27 blocks, each cube face consists of 9 blocks. You can need to rotate parts of the cube till each side or face of cube is of the same color. It is simple yet very brain

Download Pacman EX game, free portable version

Pacman game does not need introduction, it is one classic game that has kept many gamers busy. Pacman EX 3 is a free portable Windows version game for instant play. It has cool 3D look with smooth movement of player and other elements in the game. It is a same classic pacman game but with

Create picture scramble puzzle game from your photos

Any Picture Scramble is a free fun application to create and play picture scramble puzzle. You can create image puzzle from any photo on your computer and then try to solve the picture puzzle by moving smaller photo blocks. To get started, select any image and split into blocks. Then solve

Download portable Sudoku game, solve puzzle in USB

Sudoku puzzle game has been around for long time for quality mind-testing and timepass as you fill in correct numbers. Now you can download Sudoku game in portable format to carry and play from any device like USB, CD, iPod, portable hard drive etc. This addictive puzzle game was created

Play online games in Google Talk [web based]

Now you can enjoy online games while chatting with buddies on Google Talk. Currently, this only works in web based Google Talk Sandbox and will soon be available in Gtalk application installed on your computer. Here is quick procedure to get started with playing games with friends on web

Play Lode Runner game online, fun in motion

Here is little stress buster while you surf for important stuff on the internet, checkout web based clone of popular Video Game - Lode Runner. It is quick, zippy game and you can play without having to download / install or register for the same. Use your keypad to move your player

Grand Theft Auto & Wild Metal game free download

If you are a gaming addict, then you must have heard name 'Grand Theft Auto'. Well, now you can download GTA (Grand Theft Auto) series game for free. You just need to fill a form and get download links for GTA series game for free. This includes GTA 1, 2 and Wild metal. This version