Grand Theft Auto & Wild Metal game free download


If you are a gaming addict, then you must have heard name ‘Grand Theft Auto’. Well, now you can download GTA (Grand Theft Auto) series game for free. You just need to fill a form and get download links for GTA series game for free. This includes GTA 1, 2 and Wild metal.


This version of Grand Theft Auto is modified from its original version to enable support for modern PC’s and current Microsoft Windows platforms. Game requires latest directX and whole package size is 328 MB. Click here to fill the form and get direct download links. Thanks Mayur



  1. Thanks for solving the big problem. I’m loving reading through your gr8 blog :D

  2. @ Davinder I wanna tell u that Firefox and Google Chrome are showing a “Reported Attack Site!” box while opening a single post of your blog. Do enquire about it.

    • @ Mayur Thank you for heads up. That was a freak attack on the server that injected mallicious code. I have contacted Google and they have removed virus warning label from tothepc.

  3. Thanks Davinder for the linkback.

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