How to translate blog or website in any language

On internet there are no country boundaries. Even language barriers are blurred thanks to language translation services. With lot of good quality content available in English and other specific languages - translation is a must for non-English users in order to access and understand that

Fix photo thumbs in Facebook Recommendations widget

Is Facebook Recommendations article widget box showing default image and not the actual article image on your blog or website? Ideally, you can quickly generate code for Recommendation widget from this webpage and paste it in your website template to show recommended articles. By default,

How to add official Twitter ‘tweet’ button

Websites and blogs can display quick share Twitter buttons for easy sharing of content by users. As of now, we have used third party buttons that enable users on specific website or blog to post and share article links on Twitter. Now you use official Twitter 'tweet' buttons on your blog

Add & display new Digg buttons, widgets

Digg(.com) is a popular social bookmarking website. Recently, it has undergone a makeover with new tweaked look and features. As a results, we also have new digg share buttons that can be displayed on your blog or website. Even digg widget showing digg posting activity has cool new

Add Twitter tweetmeme button to blog / website

Promoting your blog / website content on various social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter improve your site profile and send more visitors. We have already seen easy procedure to add cool official Facebook button to website. Similarly, you can add tweetmeme button to allow

Add Facebook share button link to blog / website

Easy sharing on social networking websites like Facebook can bring lot of free and quality traffic to your website or blog. You can easily enable users to share your blog posts or articles by adding a Facebook share button at the start or end of the article page. A user can click that

Show latest blog post title as 468px banner image

There are number of free web tools to show latest article titles of blog or websites in the form of widgets. Feederr does something similar by allowing you to show latest blog post title of any blog or website in the form of 468px wide banner. Unlike other web tools, it only show one

Embed high resolution images in zoomable box widget with Seadragon

Seadragon from Microsoft LiveLabs is a cool web service to neatly display high resolution images. It creates a zoomable box or widget in which you can zoom in or out to see detailed look of any part of a high resolution image. You can even switch to full screen mode and enjoy viewing of

Embed Facebook chat on blog with Live Stream Box

Are you hosting a live video event on your blog or website? If yes, then you can make the whole even more interactive and chatty by using real time Facebook chat on the same page on your blog or website. This is possible using Live Stream Box that allows you to embed real time facebook

7 ways to access WolframAlpha knowledge search

WolframAlpha made quiet a buzz at the time of launch. While the buzz has faded, WolframAlpha is still an interesting and different search engine for those intellectual knowledge based queries. If you are too addicted to WolframAlpha knowledge search, get easy with accessing this search

Embed related Company profile widget of CrunchBase

If you are regular follower of TechCrunch technology blog, you must have noticed company / product profile box at the end of each post. It shows basic information about company or product being discussed in specific blog post. It displays: website URL, location, foundation date, funding,

Show related posts with photo thumbnails on blog

Generally we can show related posts as simple text links under each post on Blogger and Wordpress blog. Some sophisticated Wordpress themes do have advance feature of showing related posts along with associated thumbnail image. Well, you can implement this 'so called advance' feature in