Display Location on Gtalk, Gmail Chat or any webpage

Google Latitude was launched a while back for easy tracking of friends and family members. Google has launched first Google Latitude Apps that allows you to display your location on different Google services. For example:  Google Talk Location application allows you to show your current

Display Twitter users mosaic grid on blog sidebar

Get Twitter buzz on your blog or website by embedding neat Twitter users mosaic grid. Twitr Grid makes this possible in few simple clicks. Just enter your Twitter username, select to display either followers or following, then select the size of Twitter avatar images among small (100px),

Embed & show Google News Slideshow on website

NewsShow Wizard by Google is very easy to use web service to add latest news to your blog or website. It allows you to generate Google News slideshow and display it on your blog or website. There are few customization options enough for majority of probable users. To get started, select

Embed & display any file or URL content with Embedit

Do you want to display a word file in a blog post or article? Or show a large image embedded in a small window in a blog post? Embedit web service make this process really easy and involve only few clicks. To get started upload your file or enter a specific URL. After the upload and

Google Friend Connect to get social, the easy way

Google Friend Connect is now available to all webmaster wanting to add dash of social to their blogs and website. For starters, this allows you to be member of any website community using Google friend connect using exiting accounts at Google, Yahoo, AOL, OpenID. For webmasters and

4 Awesome Widgets showing RSS content with Wowzio

Ever blog and almost every website has respective RSS feed. There are number of RSS to HTML services and can even use Google to put any RSS feed on your website. Wowzio is one mind blowing service (Yeah, I am too impressed!) that allows you to show RSS feed content is very attractive