Google Translate as you Type, listen translations & romanization


Google Translate has bumped up healthy list of new features to make language translation more easy. From now on, there is no need to click translation button, you can see translated text as you type in new Google Translate service. Interface is much neater with easy access to ‘romanization’ and ‘contribute for better translation’ options.


You can also listen translation done from specific language into English. Just click on small speaker icon to listen to final translated English words. Here is video explaining all new feature bump in Google Translate. [via Google Blog]

For sure welcome feature additions, specially instant translation as you type and ability to listen translation (text to speech for English words). Translation routine just got more interesting with these features!



  1. Hi, I was just wondering if its possible to type more than a few words of writing for a translation.

    For example if i type a paragraph. Is there any way to listen to that paragraph. It seems to cut off the “listen to the language” after one or two sentence`s which isnt helpful when translating a book (I want to listen to the english translation)

  2. maybe we’ll bridge the language barrier

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