Free text to speech software for Windows & Mac

Do you want to automatically listen to text on your Windows or Mac system? This is possible with text to speech conversion functionality. You can read any text aloud using free TTS (text to speech) software program. Following are few free text to speech programs that you can use for

Listen to PDF file text with Adobe Reader

Are you tired of continuous reading an e-book or a document file? Why not sit back, relax and hear to the pdf file text instead of reading! You can easily do this within Adobe Reader program. It has integrated text to speech conversion feature that makes text audible without any ned to

Listen to text message as audio using Notepad

Do you want to listen to text on Windows PC without having to install any special software? You can perform text to speech conversion using good old Notepad.  This method involves basic built-in API called SAPI (Speech Application Programming Interface). With few lines of code, you can

Google Translate as you Type, listen translations & romanization

Google Translate has bumped up healthy list of new features to make language translation more easy. From now on, there is no need to click translation button, you can see translated text as you type in new Google Translate service. Interface is much neater with easy access to

Convert text documents to mp3 audio at Zamzar

Zamzar has been favorite online conversion service that allows you to convert files into different format without having to download any software. It has added new conversion feature of 'text to speech'. You can upload any text document and convert it into audio format allowing you to

Automatic speech for PowerPoint Show with PowerTalk

We have already seen how to add Youtube Video in PowerPoint show and how to convert PowerPoint show into Flash movie. Here is another cool PowerPoint application. PowerTalk is a free 'Text to Speech' application meant to read out text appearing on Microsoft PowerPoint presentation or

Free Text to Speech Reader to Listen Text Loud & Clear

Vozme can let your blog post speak while SpokenText Online tool can convert webpages, ppts, WordFiles into speech format. How about an offline option for Text to Speech conversion? Hal Text-to-Speech Reader is a free download-able application that can convert text into speech. It can