Automatic speech for PowerPoint Show with PowerTalk


We have already seen how to add Youtube Video in PowerPoint show and how to convert PowerPoint show into Flash movie. Here is another cool PowerPoint application.

PowerTalk is a free ‘Text to Speech’ application meant to read out text appearing on Microsoft PowerPoint presentation or slideshow.

It automatically speaks any presentation or slide show as you play it. Unlike other ‘Text To Speech’ programs, PowerTalk can speak text as it appears and can also speak hidden text attached to images.

Speech is provided by the standard synthesised computer voices that are provided with Windows. It acts as instant narration to presentations without the need to record speech.

It is very handy application to liven up dull PowerPoint presentation. With automatic speech, you can let this application do the talking about the content on the slideshow and then pause it to add your creative inputs.

Download PowerTalk [link], it works fine on Windows and you must have PowerPoint 2000 or later installed. It does not work with standalone PowerPoint viewers.


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