Insert Excel spreadsheet cells into PowerPoint slide


Spreadsheet can accomodate lot of data which can be presented in an easy to understand manner. Just like copy – paste of tables from Word to PowerPoint slideshow, you can also insert Excel spreadsheet into PowerPoint slideshow. You can either insert specific cells of a spreadsheet or whole spreadsheet where you can manually enter data into any slide of a PowerPoint slideshow.

Insert Excel spreadsheet in Powerpoint slide

1. Launch MS PowerPoint program and open or create new slideshow file.

2. Select the slide where you want to insert Excel spreadsheet.

3. On Insert tab in Tables group, click Table and then click Excel Spreadsheet.

4. Now click the cell to add text to the table cell. After entering text, click outside the table to inactive the text edit mode.

Insert specific Excel cells in PowerPoint slide

1. Open MS Excel spreadsheet file. Then select rows and columns through drag & drop routine.

2. On Home tab in the Clipboard group, click Copy for copying selected Excel cells.

3. Open PowerPoint slideshow and select specific slide.

4. Then on the Home tab click paste. Copied Excel cells should appear on specific slide of the PowerPoint presentation file.


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