5 steps to install Windows 7 ‘E version’ edition


windows7-e-n-version-installWindows 7 will be launched on or after Oct 22, 2009 in different markets all over the world. Unlike standard edition of Windows 7, UK market will have special ‘E version’ edition of Windows 7 which contains the operating system minus web browser Internet Explorer 8. Following are 5 steps to easily install Window 7 ‘E version’ edition on your computer.

1. Backup & save data – There is no upgrade option for Window 7 ‘E version’ edition users. You have to perform clean install irrepective of your current operating system (like XP or Vista). You can use Windows easy transfer to transfer user accounts and date to computer using Windows operating system. Alternatively, you can backup data on USB drive, CD media or dump online at Windows Live SkyDrive.

2. Get your browser (IE8) РYou need a web browser before hand that should be installed right after Windows 7 install for updates. You can download Internet Explorer 8 from Microsoft website or order a free IE8 media. You can also use Firefox or any other preffered web browser.

3. Install Windows 7 – Grab your Window 7 ‘E version’ media and install the operating system. Follow on-screen instructions to complete Window 7 install.

4. Install Web browser – After Windows 7 OS install, you need to install your preffered web browser. You can install Internet Explorer 8 or any other web browser like Firefox, Flock etc.

5. Restore data & re-install applications – After Windows 7 and web browser install you can restore all your date and re-install other applications.

Besides Window 7 ‘E version’, there is Windows 7 ‘N version’ which will not include web browser like Internet Explorer 8 and Windows Media Player. Same steps apply to Windows 7 ‘N version’ installation with addition Windows Media player install.¬†

Windows 7 ‘E version’ users have to perform extra steps to get Windows 7 OS on their PCs. Also, they will miss easy to use upgrade feature available for existing Windows Vista users for upgrading to Windows 7 standard edition (not E or N version) without data lose or backup requirement. source



  1. THis is ridiculous. You are telling people whom buy Windows 7 E to download and install the bloated slow incompatible IE8?

    Thank the heavens there’s a Windows 7 “e” without the crappy browser.

    I’ll install Firefox and Chrome, thanks very much.

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