Download Internet Explorer 8


Internet Explorer8 beta came out a while back to test drive new features and offerings. It was a buzz for its new in-private mode aka porn mode surfing that prevents any recording of your browsing web history. Loaded with in-private mode and many other features Internet Explorer8 is out of beta.

Tabs gets colorful for easy navigation and there are more options to go back to old tabs if you closed them accidentally. IE8 promises better search with drop down suggest for keyword being searched. There is one click access to your favorite web services. Address bar also provide drop down suggestion for website based on your web history and favorites.

There is new find on webpage toolbar to search any word on any webpage quickly (just like in Firefox). Besides there is improved webpage zoom feature, ability to customize browser with manage add-ons and faster browsing. Download Internet Explorer8 RC1 version – watch video

What is RC1? RC1 is short for “Release Candidate 1”. Release candidate software is ready to be evaluated by users while it undergoes final testing. You may experience minor bugs or compatibility issues with websites while browsing.


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