Internet Explorer 8 Web Slices & Accelerators of Indian websites

Internet Explorer 8 was launched with whole hog of features including web slices and accelerators. They provide quick one click access to information from your favorite websites. If you have been using IE8 and now looking for India specific websites / information using relevant web slices

Open multiple web accounts of same website in IE8

Internet Explorer 8 has lot of new features including new session option. This allows you to open multiple web accounts of same website simultaneously. For example you can view 2 or more Gmail, Yahoo mail accounts in the same Internet Explorer 8 interface. Related - Manage multiple

Download Internet Explorer 8 Language pack [Vista]

Now you can use Internet Explorer8 in number of different language on your Windows Vista computer. Microsoft has just added 18 additional languages to the list of supported languages. You can install specific Internet Explorer8 Language Pack and view the user interface (UI) of Internet

Disable auto-install of Internet Explorer 8 via updates

Internet Explorer 8 is all new, loaded with lot of features and creating tons of positive buzz. Microsoft is keen to push automatic update for upgrading your web browser from IE6/7 to IE8. This all will be done through 'High priority' Windows update notification. Related - Remove or

IE8 web Live slices for Gmail, Twitter, Flickr & news

Interned Explorer 8 launched with lot of new features including web slices and accelerators. We have already seen web slices for top websites to access their content with super ease within IE8. LiveSlices makes this process more easy for top social and informational websites. It shows

Remove or uninstall Internet Explorer 8

Internet Explorer 8 is making lot of buzz ever since its beta days and final version release. It offer loads of new features including faster browsing, web slices and accelerators. Incase these do not excite, you can easily remove Internet Explorer 8 from the computer. Microsoft's

Get IE8 & spice up with Web Slices & Accelerators

Internet Explorer version 8 (final release) should be available in few hours from now [9:30 PM India time - 4GMT]. We have already seen features of Internet Explorer 8 as it progressed through various RC versions. IE8 is a buzz for Accelerators, Visual Search and Web

Remove Internet Explorer 8 in Windows7 officially?

Removing Internet Explorer on system with Windows XP or Vista isn't easy. After several attempts of removing IE, one can end up with unstable and corrupted Windows. Well, this could change all together in upcoming Windows7 with official option to remove Internet Explorer8. In Windows7

Download Internet Explorer 8

Internet Explorer8 beta came out a while back to test drive new features and offerings. It was a buzz for its new in-private mode aka porn mode surfing that prevents any recording of your browsing web history. Loaded with in-private mode and many other features Internet Explorer8 is out of