Add & insert hyperlink in Excel spreadsheet

We can make an Excel spreadsheet file more interactive by inserting links to relevant data like webpages, other parts of workbook, email address, documents and so on. You can easily insert and add hyperlink to specific part of worksheet in Excel spreadsheet to display related information

Attach & embed files in MS Word, Excel documents

Ideally, we will upload files seperately to some file hosting website and share with other users. This is not easy and involves extra steps of uploading and sharing file links. Alternatively, you can use Microsoft Word or Excel document to share files. It allows you to insert files as

Remove Duplicate items in MS Excel worksheet

Removing duplicate items from data in Microsoft Excel worksheet can take lot of time and effort. If you are using older versions of MS Office Excel 2003 or earlier, you still have to delete duplicate threads manually. However, in Office 2007  and above, you can easily remove all the

Insert Excel spreadsheet cells into PowerPoint slide

Spreadsheet can accomodate lot of data which can be presented in an easy to understand manner. Just like copy - paste of tables from Word to PowerPoint slideshow, you can also insert Excel spreadsheet into PowerPoint slideshow. You can either insert specific cells of a spreadsheet or whole

Generate barcode from data in MS Word & Excel

Do you want to easily generate barcodes in Microsoft Office Word and Excel programs? By default there is no functionality in MS Word / Excel to create barcodes. However, barcode addon for MS Word / Excel makes this an easy routine. After installing plugin, you can generate barcode from

Calculate number of days between two dates

At times, simple dates calculation can result in heavy mind exercise. You can easily take help of computer and internet for accurate days - date calculation. There are number of online and offline ways to calculate number of days between two specific 'start' and 'end' dates. You can also

Transpose column into row in Excel 2007, 2010

Are you stuck at changing row into column or vice -versa? Any row can be easily transposed as column and column as row in Microsoft Office Excel (2007, 2010) application. This is possible by using 'transpose' option under 'paste special' option in Microsoft Excel. Convert to transpose

Convert MS Excel file to XML format

Do you want to generate XML file from contents of a MS Excel file? toXML is a small utility that can do such conversion quickly. It converts specified MS Excel file into XML format. All the contents are properly formatted and preserved in the final XML file generated by this utility

Import Google Analytics data in MS Excel [Office plugin]

Excellent Analytics is a free Microsoft Excel plugin to import Google Analytics data into an Excel spreadsheet. After the import you can manipulate and save date for further analysis. You can build queries with all dimensions and metrics available in Google Analytics. Also apply filters to

Open CSV files with portable CSV Viewer

CSV (Comma Separated Values) is a popular text-based tabular file format. If you deal with lot of CSV files on daily basis, how about carrying portable CSV Viewer in your USB drive? CSView is a light weight and free portable CSV viewer that neatly display contents of any CSV

Convert Excel to Text without Microsoft Excel

Do you want to read contents of an Excel file without Microsoft Excel program on the computer? One quick way to do this is by converting Excel file into a text file. Oncilla Excel2Text is a free converter utility for such conversion which does not required Microsoft Excel program to be

Convert XLS to CSV file format

Do you want to convert Microsoft Excel .XLS spreadsheet file into CSV format? Roadkil XLS to CSV Converter is a free utility to convert XLS format files to CSV format. After the conversion you can use CSV file in other applications for further data manipulation. It is a portable utility