Convert XLS to CSV file format


Do you want to convert Microsoft Excel .XLS spreadsheet file into CSV format? Roadkil XLS to CSV Converter is a free utility to convert XLS format files to CSV format. After the conversion you can use CSV file in other applications for further data manipulation. It is a portable utility and does not require install.


Steps for XLS to CSV conversion

1. Download Roadkil XLS to CSV Converter.
2. Unzip file & double click icon to launch the utility.
3. Click browse for “Input File” & select MS Excel XLS file on computer.
4. Click browse for “Output File” & enter name for resultant CSV file.
5. Click “Convert” button and get XLS file in CSV format.

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If you deal with XLS and CSV files on regular basis, then portable utility Roadkil XLS to CSV Converter should find permanent place on your USB drive!



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  2. Scott Lerch says

    I do not know if my previous e-mail went through. Can this run in batch? How would you pass the parameters

  3. Scott Lerch says

    Can I use RoadKil XLS to CSV Converter in a batch file not as interactive

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