Use mouse as Laser pointer in PowerPoint show

PowerPoint presentation is an interactive and rich medium to share information with lot of people. During a presenstation you may want to point attention to specific content on Powerpoint slide - how about using a laser pointer? Instead of using seperate laser pointing device you can

Insert live webpages in PowerPoint slideshow

By default, you can add a clickable hyperlink to a webpage / website on slides of your PowerPoint slideshow presentation. Do you want to add and insert actual live webpages on PowerPoint show? You can easily do this using free 'Live Web' PowerPoint addon. It allows you to display live

Broadcast & share PowerPoint presentation on internet

New Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 has very useful 'Broadcast slideshow" feature. This allows you to share your PowerPoint presentation remotely with anyone on the internet. While you present slideshow in PowerPoint, other users can view same presentation simultaneously in their web browser

Insert iStock photos in MS Word, PowerPoint documents

iStockphoto(.com) is a leading stock images website. If you happen to use lot of stock images within Microsoft Word and PowerPoint documents, then makes things very easy and quick using iStock Office plugin. It is a MS Office addon that allows you to search and insert iStock photos from

Control PowerPoint show on laptop from Windows phone

Do you want to control Microsoft PowerPoint presentation on laptop from Windows phone? It is possible using Presentation Companion 1.0 for Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 or Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 64-bit Edition. It allows you to use Microsoft Office PowerPoint Mobile on your Windows phone to

Capture & sync audio, video with Producer for PowerPoint

Ever heard of Producer application for Microsoft Office Powerpoint? It is a free download, that allows you to capture and synchronize audio, video, slides, and images from a web camera, video camera or from your computer screen. You can later preview and publish rich media presentation

Portrait & Landscape modes in same PowerPoint show

Do you want to display slides in both Portrait & Landscape direction or orientation mode is same PowerPoint presentation simultaneously? By default slideshow layout is in landscape orientation and you can switch the whole slideshow to Portrait orientation. There is a workaround, where

Change PowerPoint landscape direction to portrait mode

In Microsoft PowerPoint 2010, the default slide layout orientation is in landscape mode. However, at times you need to display data or content that require opposite 'potrait' mode slide orientation. You can easily change orientation of all slides in a PowerPoint slideshow by changing

Open PowerPoint 2010 files without MS Office PowerPoint

Do you want to open Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 files without Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2010 program on the computer? This is possible using free PowerPoint viewer from Microsoft. Now you can download the latest version of PowerPoint viewer that support opening and previewing of Microsoft

Add PowerPoint effects in single click with Animation Painter

PowerPoint slideshow can be made dynamic and animated using various animation effects. You can add animation to different elements on a slide including text, images, charts etc. Don't want to waste time setting animation for each element and still create beautiful animated PowerPoint

Save original version of edited photo in PowerPoint

PowerPoint provide rich graphic medium to showcase content. You can include lot of images, charts, figures for more interactive understanding. When an image is inserted into PowerPoint slideshow, you may edit it as per requirement. You can easily recover original inserted image from

Insert Excel spreadsheet cells into PowerPoint slide

Spreadsheet can accomodate lot of data which can be presented in an easy to understand manner. Just like copy - paste of tables from Word to PowerPoint slideshow, you can also insert Excel spreadsheet into PowerPoint slideshow. You can either insert specific cells of a spreadsheet or whole