Share Loads of text with one URL by TinyPaste


TinyPaste is a handy web service to ‘paste’ loads of text and share it with a ‘tiny’ URL. Just paste the text in the window and click on ‘submit’ button.

Then share that text with a unique URL like []. No installation, no registration, no download – in short No hassles, just visit tinypaste website and get going.

This can be nifty web service to share long messages on character limiting services like Twitter. Besides, you can grab TinyPaste FireFox for quick access within your FireFox browser.

If you are looking for advanced version of TinyPaste, then check TextSnip. It allows you to share loads of text without loosing text formatting. Resultant URL will show text with original spacing, paragraphs and other formatting.

TinyPaste or TextSnip, take your pick to share loads of text using a single URL. Source: TechCrunch



  1. I love this service since it allows me to share multiple links at once. Sweet.

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