Send Loads of text in a URL without losing Formating


Sending text messages through email or IM can result in lose of text formatting. Text is not delivered in the format it is originally written. While this is no big issue if you are involved in some personal conversation.

But, this can be messy issue if you are sharing some language code,  formal letter, legal document and much more. ‘TextSnip’, can be of good use in such situation for sharing text with exact format with a URL.

In the web based editor, enter the text in the format you want. You can arrange text with spacing and para breaks as per requirement and then click on ‘get my url’ button.

You can share the resultant URL with your friends. That URL will show text in the same format with exact spacing, para breaks etc. With this you can share loads of text in the form you want with a single URL.

You can easily paste code examples in to a blog, forum, or any website. Text will not break and you can share text without using email. You can use this free web service without any login or registration.

Details: TextSnipAboutSee Example

However, to track all your text to URL creations you can create a free account for easy management. Nice and clean way to share text, what say?


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