iGoogle Comic themes: superman, batman, hulk!

Are you big time fan of comic characters and start your daily with iGoogle page? iGoogle Comic Themes are just for you to bring superhero comic character splash to your iGoogle homepage. Google has launched special Comic Themes for iGoogle featuring superman, batman, hulk and many more

New iGoogle Nature themes from National Geographic

iGoogle has introduced new set of fresh, cool looking nature iGoogle theme series. Contents of these themes come from organizations and photographers know for worlds best nature photography including: National Geographic Society, BBC and Ansel Adams Gallery. Whole collection has number of

Google Chat on iGoogle page, stay connected

If you open Gmail inbox, you can easily Google talk chat with friends on the left sidebar (if chat enabled). Now, similar is possible on your iGoogle page. For starters, iGoogle page allows you to customize content you want with customized iGoogle theme. So now you can talk to friends

Official iGoogle Theme Creator

iGoogle is a startpage for many users on the internet. Your daily startpage that show content of your interest. You can customize the type and placement of content on your iGoogle page. Now, you can also customize the look of your iGoogle page with official iGoogle Theme creator. It was

New igoogle ‘Themes for causes’, enjoy & support

We have see number of beutiful iGoogle themes (this & this) and here are more that support a cause. iGoogle has launched new set of themes for Non-Profit Organizations 'Thems for Causes'. These theme have been dedicated to various

Grab more iGoogle Themes from inThemes

Recently Google launched official iGoogle themes directory with well over 360+ themes. In case you did not find the igoogle them of your choice there, then check out unofficial iGoogle Theme directory at inThemes. You can change and customize the appearance of your iGoogle homepage

Search, Select & Sizzle with 360+ iGoogle themes

iGoogle experience is getting better and better. Ever since tools to create personalized igoogle themes were unveiled, there seems to be flood of igoogle themes to match taste of every user. Number of users have created beautiful igoogle themes. Now there is more than 360 igoogle

3 Tools to Create personalized iGoogle Themes

iGoogle is your personalized space on Google to access all your favorite stuff. At iGoogle you can read and place the content according to your liking. Besides the content, you can also personalize the looks of your iGoogle page. There are number of pre-designed themes in the