Grab more iGoogle Themes from inThemes


Recently Google launched official iGoogle themes directory with well over 360+ themes. In case you did not find the igoogle them of your choice there, then check out unofficial iGoogle Theme directory at inThemes.

You can change and customize the appearance of your iGoogle homepage with these high quality hand picked themes. You can browse themes of different categories likes: Natural World, Abstract, Sports, Entertainment etc.

inThemes directory is not cluttered with too many average themes. Most of them are unique and very polish in their looks. You can even use ‘Theme Manager gadget’ to Add, switch, and delete themes with ease.

Besides, it’s the only way to keep themes installed that aren’t listed in Google’s own directory. Homepage also lists ‘Theme of the Week’ to showcase best themes around. Checkout inThemes

In case you don’t find theme of your choice in official and unofficial iGoogle themes directory and want to create you own them – then check out 3 Tools to Create personalized iGoogle Themes.


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