Make XP dark with Free Xpize darkside Windows Theme


Are you tired of usual blue, silver and grey look of your Windows XP computer? Well, give XP a dark makeover with free Xpize darkside Windows XP Theme.

As seen in image, it makes different elements of XP dark (look-wise). It replaces the blue wizards, visual style, logon screen, boot screen, icons and numerous other resources in Windows XP with a darker more slick and smooth looking view.

XPize Darkside is based on the XPize source. It is a GUI enhancer for Windows XP/2003. It replaces most of the non-XP looking icons, animations and images that Microsoft has always overlooked. Download XPize Darkside theme – view screenshots.



  1. exellent

  2. Thank

  3. It is more or less similar to the much boasted ‘Royale’ theme…but definitely looks good!

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