Download & restore original Windows XP Themes

Majority of Windows XP users are familiar and prefer use to default (original) XP theme look. If your XP themes has gone corrupt or missing, then 'Restore XP themes' package can get back all original XP themes. It is a download-able package with original default Windows XP themes. The

Give Google Chrome Style & Look to Windows XP

We have already seen easy way to give Google Chrome OS look to Windows XP computer. kanttii at DeviantArt has modified existing user style with all new look and elements. Overall look is very similar to Google Chrome style with dash of Vista glitz gloss. It has neat dialog boxes and other

Tranform XP to look like Google Chrome OS with free theme

Google Chrome operating system announcement made lot of buzz recently. While official Google Chrome OS release is still few months or years away, here is a free XP theme for some Google Chrome OS play on your Windows XP computer. Chrome XP V4 is a free theme that transforms your Windows XP

Make XP dark with Free Xpize darkside Windows Theme

Are you tired of usual blue, silver and grey look of your Windows XP computer? Well, give XP a dark makeover with free Xpize darkside Windows XP Theme. As seen in image, it makes different